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            20HL Three vessel Brewhouse

            20HL Three vessel Brewhouse


            Quantity:1 Set


            20HL Brewhouse: 

            Basic configuration: Mash tun + lauter tun + kettle/whirlpool tank + HLT

            20HL Mash tun, with bottom stir, jacket on both cylinder and bottom 

            20HL Lauter tun, with bottom stir, height adjustable, filter plate

            20HL Kettle/whirlpool tank with both cylinder and bottom jacket, tangent wort inelt 

            50HL HLT with steam coil, insulated. 

            All tanks with 4 pcs stainless steel legs, with adjust leg bolt. 

            All tanks with cone top, with stack pipe, length to be defined 

            Kettle can be installed with steam condensing unit 

            Pneumatic valves for flow control. can be changed to manual butterfly valves if customer has special request. 

            All stainless steel piping works for mash liquid, wort, water, CIP etc 

            Automatic water mixing station 

            Steam piping going from distributor to mash, kettle and HLT, all pre assembled and insulated

            Double stage heat exchanger with aeration unit and flow meter for wort amount calculation

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